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press_release OCTOBER 21, 2010 | Source :

Get hospital bed info on SMS

In a medical emergency, precious time is wasted in finding a hospital with a vacant bed or in making rounds of blood banks in search of a matching blood group.

From January, such critical information may only be a phone call of text message away.

A new helpline, HERO- Helpline for Emergency Response Operations, will provide this information on the phone, via text messages on a mobile phone and on a website free of cost.

press_release AUGUST 15, 2010 | Source : The Times Of India

You can now log on to steer clear of your date with pregnancy

In a wired world, medical information-be it on diseases, doubts or diets-is just a click away. Now, in an Independence Day gift of sorts for Indian women wanting freedom from unwanted pregnancies, here is a free online planner that promises "no baby now'' Use the online chart to decipher your fertile days and avoid getting pregnant, or so goes the new online plan.

press_release DECEMBER 9, 2009 | Source: The Times Of India

Now, your laptop, mobile phone get to play doctor

press_release OCTOBER 15, 2009 | Source :

How Plus91 helps doctors to say Yes ! to medical software

This is a follow up post from Aditya Patkar of Plus91 . His earlier post discussed why Indian doctors say No to medical software. This explains how Plus91 gets them to say Yes ! 1. I am not IT savvy and do not want to invest in buying and learning new stuff. This is a good opportunity to make the doctor realize how Plus91's clever technology can help to improve their life. Real-life stories which show how other doctors have used Plus91 products successfully can help them to overcome their skepticism.

press_release JUNE 17, 2011 | Source :

Plus 91 Technologies – Health Care Redefined!

If you go around in search of problems, someday solutions will surely knock at your door. Plus 91 Technologies is one such company which aims at simplifying the way things work in health industry. Founded in the year 2006, Plus 91 Technologies serves vastly in the medical sector by creating innovative software solutions for Individual Physicians, Multi-speciality clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Imaging Centers, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical firms, Insurance Providers, Research Labs as well as Patients.