Plus91 History

January 2014

Plus91 envisions a new DIY reputation management solutions for Doctors and Physicians

December 2013

Plus91 looks at wearables space intergrating their PHR dashboards with common health information gleaning wearables

November 2013

Nrip Nihalani from Plus91 invited to speak at Patient Power 2013, Indian Cancer Congress 2013, and SAARC Psychiatrists Meet

November 2013

Plus91 participates in the largest gathering of Oncologists in Asia, the Indian Cancer Congress in Delhi in 2013

November 2013

Plus91 partners with Cuddles and Care and The Pediatric Network on a new Pediatric Portal with inbuilt and comprehensive PHR and Medical Charting features to be launched in March 2014

June 2013

Plus91 launches DocControl with ResearchDx a HIPAA compliant SAAS based Document Management System

March 2013

Plus91 discontinues Clinkare for Clinics, Ultrasite for Radiologists and ClinION for Small Hospitals from its product portfolio focusing on MediXcel to provide integrated solutions for all

March 2013

Plus91 shifts to its new and improved MediXcel platform to manage its EMRs. More flexible, intelligent and sleeker then the previous versions

February 2013

Plus91 employees start having Monday English classes organized by team members to better their communication skills

December 2012

Plus91 completes installation of first HIS client in Africa in Nigeria

November 2012

Plus91 tries to expand on its vision for patient engagement by setting up its on integratable Personal Health Record solution

October 2012

Plus91 shifts corporate office to Phoenix East Court Pune

September 2012

Plus91 co-founder Nrip Nihalani voted 4th on the HIT 100 list internationally

June 2012

Plus91 starts holding weekly meeting with its Employees to share issues, triumphs, misses and integrate the company further

May 2012

Plus91 signs up with ResearchDx to customize their LabC product for the US market

March 2012

Plus91 reaches over 100 clients in the Website and Digital marketing space

December 2011

Plus91 expands its horizons and starts marketing itself online

October 2011

Plus91 creates its own Learning Center to help train internal employees, sales partners and potential clients on Healthcare IT topics ranging from Digital Marketing to Medical Record Solutions

March 2011

Looking to expand Plus91 gets on board new Advisor Dr. Neelesh Bhandari

December 2010

Plus91 launches WebsitesforDoctors an intiative to get Indian Doctors online with their own personal website

August 2010

Plus91 makes a splash with the launch of NoBabyNow and gets mentioned in the Times of India

April 2010

Plus91 starts working on the COLD platform for collaborative medical reporting inside its EMRs

February 2010

Plus91 launches Ivysite for IVF Clinics in India and signs first client

November 2009

Plus91 launches LabC in beta with its first client Divinations Healthcare

September 2009

Dr. Malpani invited on board as Medical Advisor and Director

September 2009

Plus91 showcases and launches Ultrasite a Medical Reporting and billing extension with PNDT feartues Mumbai Ultrasound Course and gets over 6 sign ups

January 2009

Plus91 shifts Corporate office to Dhole Patil Road Pune

January 2009

Plus91 incorporated into a Private Limited company

August 2008

Plus91 works with TCS to provide integrated training solutions for Clinical Trial Management

March 2008

Plus91 releases first version of Clinkare into the market with Medical Record Management, Accounts and Appointments

January 2008

Plus91 starts work on developing its own web based clinic management solution named Clinkare

November 2007

Plus91 launches EasyPNDT as a web based application

June 2007

Plus91 signs up with GNA Associates and enter web application development shifting focus from .NET to PHP

May 2007

Plus91 has over 8 clients across Mumbai using the EasyPNDT software

February 2007

Plus91 launches its first product EasyPNDT as a .net application and has early takers including Dr. Mukund Joshi and Dr. Alka Karnik

December 2006

Plus91 sucessfully helps Nair Hospital, Mumbai and WHO with their Drug Resistance Research Program providing good IT support

September 2006

Plus91 office started at Khar with 3 original co-founders

August 2006

Plus91 founded as a partnership firm in Mumbai

June 2006

Plus91 conceptualized at Barista as Shivaji Park as cutting edge Mobility and Healthcare IT provider