Patient Engagement Services
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Looking to engage your Client Base to improve customer loyalty and increase customer happiness?

Plus91 specializes in tools and services which help you engage your patients. Listed below are some of our services and tools which help you facilitate patient engagement, and help your brand grow and improve performance.

Plus91 provides Education Videos, Mobile Apps, CRM tools and Medical Information solutions to help you engage patients from various demographics and specializations.

Patient Engagement Services

Patient Education Videos

Plus91 partners with PEAS Online Patient education videos to provide physicians and healthcare providers high quality multi-language audio-visual graphical content to help them explain diseases, treatments and procedures in an an engaging and simplified manner.

PEAS online has 15000 + man hours of medical content with 1000+ minutes of proprietary patient education programs in electronic media which can be harnessed by you to provide good quality and educational information to your patients. You can see their online store here

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E-Health Risk Assessment

Plus91 provides you with a Risk Assessment tools to help you involve your patients or corporate clients in managing their own health. Highly engaging questionnaires and medically sound, beautifully designed rated outputs help you gamify healthcare for your patients.

Our E-health risk assessment solution comes with a flexible 65 question set which produces a system wise report for each patient rating their health across various body and health functions. It also provides a Corporate wellness report for groups of individuals. This can be further extended to scoring and reward system to engage your patients further.


Healthcare Knowledge base

Plus91 provides a Medline based 5000 page text and graphics library of Patient education content which can be white labeled and connected to your website or patient portal.

Flexibly designed to allow you to custom design the look, selection of articles and groups to show, it allows you to create a custom version for your self. A complete content manager allows you to modify and also add new content yourself. It can also be integrated with your EMR to provide ICD 9 based alerts on articles.Sample click here


Patient Communication CRM

Plus91 provides you with a Patient Communication CRM as a stand alone tool or integrated with your EMR / Patient portal.

The Patient CRM allows you to store Patient Demographic information tagged by Medical or Location specifics. It allows you to send Mass SMS and E-mail Newsletters and blasts. It allows you to share content on Social Media accounts.

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Patient Portal Access

Plus91 provides a stand-alone Patient Health Record System or an integrated Patient Portal to help you connect with your patients and keep them engaged. The Patient Portal can be integrated with our LIMS and EMR and also with 3rd party providers who can give access to their systems via APIs.

The Patient Portal comes with options to see the last visited, billing information, a medical snapshot of Symptoms, Observations and Diagnosis. Along with this they can access their Reports and Prescriptions and also setup or request for an appointment. The Patient Portal can be expanded to include medical calculators, medical knowledge base, health risk assessment and other engagement tools.


Wearables Data Integration

Plus91 is currently experimenting with various wearable health devices whose data can be pooled in together to provide more meaningful analytics to the end user.

If you as healthcare provider provide or wish to provide wearables along with a portal to see information and provide further observations and analysis do connect with us.


Mobile App Development

Plus91 also specializes in providing light or heavy mobile apps for Medical Practices and Healthcare Providers. These apps can be information sources or interactive solutions depending on the requirement. We have made a range of apps for the healthcare industry.

Our app development team can replicate the app on the Android, Iphone and Windows platforms.